Altered Resiliency

Writing is My Solace

I am a second year college student, but to get technical I am a Junior.  I study HR Management and am currently focusing on a couple international certificates.  I am an RA in the dorms on campus, aka a glorified babysitter. But.. that’s not what I am here to talk about.

I am here to talk about what life has been since I’ve started “adulting”. We all know the term, I think it is basically in the dictionary like lol and what not. Well to sum it up THIS SHIT IS HARD. The end. Just kidding.

September 2017 I was what was considered “fresh meat” aka a first year college student, living in the dorms, living with an old friend that turned into the roommate from hell (more for later if that gets you going), and a recently broken heart. I bet we all could’ve seen that one coming.

Despite all of this I was ready, I chopped my damn hair off and was excited to start over in whatever sense of the phrase you wanna take it as. I quickly made some friends by immersing myself in freshmen activities to get us to all meet one another, and to this day they are some of my best pals.

Things were going great, unlike many of the people I have met and mentored since my time here, I never once experienced homesickness.  This may be largely due to the fact that I come from an extremely broken family and I haven’t had a “home” feeling in a longgggggg time. Sorry for the short sob story but it was needed.

I got an on campus job in the billing department, may sound boring but the people make the job LEARN THAT NOW, made some good friends within the business school to help study with me, and lived my damn life. Yeah I still got sad a lot, but that’s just me anyways, but living in this city, on MY OWN, is everything I never realized I wanted.

Moral of this shitty story with loose ends is that going to college and throwing myself out there in ways that I never knew I was capable of is one of the best things I have done.

If you’ve made it this far I applaud you for sticking through this shittily written document. If you are interested to hear more about a real college experience, please let me know. I’ll be here

❤ J

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