Altered Resiliency

Writing is My Solace

How is it that I am part of the department that pushes all the legal paperwork and processes confidential information but the interns make more than I do?

Why is it that I get pushed to my mental capacity but the partners in my company have their lowest paid employees do all the heavy lifting?

I get it the hierarchy of the corporate world means to work your way up for less responsibility, but to me it seems like it’s work your way up to work others to death.

I’ve just graduated with two degrees and two certificates in 3 years yet I didn’t even get $1 raise upon graduation.

How is it that the position within my company thats technically one step above me makes $15k more than I do?

Why is it that when the replaced the woman in that position with a man (with the same qualifications) that he makes $10k more than she does?

Why is it that they promised expansion of my interests in my field upon graduating yet for the past 3 months I remain without any timeline of when that may be?

These are the questions that I’m sure are circulating through many individuals brains as they enter this thing call “adulting” post education.

In a prior post I reflected on my current job searching and the struggles I face day-to-day within this current company of mine. However, I refuse to quit and remain in this miserable cycle that begins every Monday until I find a better opportunity.

I am only 21, yet I feel as if the mental and emotional stress that I’ve experienced within this job has aged me 50 years.

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile I’ve been moving into a new place and trying to settle when you don’t have enough hours in the day to breathe is difficult.


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