Altered Resiliency

Writing is My Solace

Hello, it’s been awhile but I am still here. I recently was remade aware of things I was already aware of but turned a blind eye to. I was listening to this amazing podcast called Accessible Astrology which is hosted by Eugenia Krok. In her most recent episode, she touched on a lot of great topics but one of which that really opened my eyes was the affect of social media on us.

We have gotten to a point as a society where we have accepted nearly anything without questioning it. The long list of ingredients in the food we eat, news, political leaders, digital receipts & currency and social media terms & conditions.

I am at a very weird in between age as I am 22 in less than a week and I am in that age bracket that still remembers dial up and a time before smart phones/ social media. I am decently tech savvy, can problem solve when I am not, and know that not everything I see on the internet is true.

That’s the biggest thing I have seen this past year is that people really are very quick to believe things without research. It has created mass hysteria, false accusations, and doxxing of undeserving individuals. Yet, we sit here and claim to all be so righteous and think we are sticking it to the man when we continue to support platforms that have finally got the balls to tell us that they are doing whatever they want with our data.

The funny thing is, now we are actually accepting to consent to this but since we all have been conditioned to have the attention span of a goldfish, we don’t even bother to read as it’s too much text. It feels too intentional. After so many years of instant gratification through social media and viral trends that change in a minute, they basically knew this wasn’t going to matter to the mass.

Did you know that Zuckerberg has been going to small coastal towns around the US to use underwater cables for “world connection” purposes? Did you know that some LG TVs have cameras? Did you know that the FBI has been pushing to get back end access to apple products? Yeah, I bet you maybe had heard of these things but never looked into it.

We have been conditioned this way its not your fault.

One of the things that is really baffling to me is seeing the ignorance behind people who get in arguments on social media and link “sources” without reading them. They read the title which is often used as clickbait but most people don’t understand that concept.

Maybe I do because I took several advertising/ marketing classes and wrote one too many research papers. Or maybe I just enjoy reading and only speaking on things I educate myself about. The world may never know.

Regardless of it all, I have decided to delete Instagram off of my phone and I am considering cutting back on other social media platforms as well. I know that it would literally take billions of people to follow suit and my small stance won’t do anything, but it won’t weigh on my conscience knowing that I am supporting these platforms. So, if you know of any social media companies that haven’t pulled a Dorian Gray on us please let me know.


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