Altered Resiliency

Writing is My Solace

I had just woke up from a really bad dream at 2:47am on February 11. In my dream I am unsure what specifically started it but it was involving seeing beings in mirrors.

I was with some other people and we were discussing things and they seemed very disconnected from reality and then I sauntered off by myself and saw something in my rooms’ mirrors like a dark looming figure in the background. However, my room was a merge of my current one and one of my childhood’s and there were 3 mirrors.

I went back to the people which was in my child hood home, one of the recurring locations of my dreams. My mom was there Trying to comfort me as I was panicking. I then went outside and up on the hill where we had our vegetable garden, there was this same figure staring at me form afar. They were dark in shape and had glowing white eyes. They didn’t move but stared intently at me. The dream then shifted to me running back crying and screaming and the few individuals from the beginning who looked like childhood family friends just disappeared seemingly uncaring.

When I went back in I was hysterical my mom started to comfort me as no one else remained. I told my mom how I hate scary movies, they always give me nightmares, as they’ve always heightened my already active sleeping mind.

The dream then shifted again to me being alone in my strange room now and I turned all of my mirrors around. I don’t know why this dream felt so revolved around the mirrors but I wouldn’t even look in them at this point.

The dream ended with me being alone in my room with my partner wishing my mother was there as comfort. It felt more lighthearted but the adrenaline of the dream events were still there as I then woke up hyperventilating.

I don’t know why this dream occurred but I do feel as if I need to look into the meaning of all of the mirrors in my dream. Does anyone have insight on what this could have been?


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